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April 6th Monthly Seminar Update

Curtis & Debbie Spolar will present the Success Talk, Teaching, Story and Ticket Holder Sessions.

Curtis and Debbie and their three children lived in Southern California. Curtis worked as a land surveyor and Debbie was an R.N. Curtis worked for a company that merged with another and Curtis was let go. The Spolars got behind on their mortgage. They were losing their house. Starting their own Land Surveying business was a thought, but seeing the struggles of owners in that field, they prayed there was something better out there. About that time, Curt’s cousin called and invited them to take a look at LIFE. After declining the invitation three times, his cousin said, “If you don’t want to hear about what I’m doing then leave your house because I’ll be there in ten minutes.” After getting the facts they were amazed that such a leadership system existed and they started to imagine the possibilities and started to get very excited. They became good students and were hungry to associate with others who had been successful. Today, Curtis and Debbie are sharing the system with others and are excited about the future.