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The LIFE Business Starter Kit received a Gold ADDY® Award in the Sales Promotion category at the 2011 District 6 ADDY®Awards ceremony which is the world’s largest advertising competition.

Not to be taken lightly, the recipient of the new LIFE Business Starter Kit will most certainly be intrigued and impressed.  Beautiful enough to adorn the mantle of every fireplace in America, this trophy contains the introduction to destiny.  Elegantly packaged, strategically designed and effectively equipped, the LIFE start up kit is sure to make a serious impression on all new prospects with its presentation.  A company, a business, a fun new adventure and a GREAT life await the taking!


– Welcome Letter

– LIFE by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

– LLR 400 – A Rascal Leader by Chris Brady
– LLR 404 – Launching a Leadership Revolution by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward
– LLR 530 – Lens Effect by Orrin Woodward
– LIFE Decal

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